Spiritual Awakening
Church & Spiritual Center
'Spiritual Discussion Group'
The Next Spiritual Discussion Group will be on
Saturday February 10th
at 10:00 a.m

The purpose of the Spiritual Discussion Group is to provide a place to discuss our opinions and explorations in spiritual matters. All Are Welcome!
~ This Month's Topic ~
"What is Spiritualism?"
Spiritualism belongs to all people; to all religions. It is a gift of and for the Spirit, not of and for any particular church body.
The main belief of Spiritualists is that a spirit world coexists overlapping the material world. When a person dies, his or her soul moves to the spirit world and will continue to progress for eternity. Each progression of the soul takes it closer to God. People can develop their souls through developing spiritual qualities in either this world or the next. Spiritualists' belief in the afterlife differs from other religions such as Christianity in that they believe the spirits of the dead can communicate with the living through mediums, and that they actively act as guides to help the living develop their souls.
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