Mediumship Development Workshop
Saturday, November 14th , 2020
from 10:00am to 12:00pm - requires registration

Cost Donation: $15.00

Join Rev. Rosie Bouch and Michael Davies for this special Mediumship Development Workshop.

About this Event

Mediumship Development Workshop:

Beginners Welcome! Come learn with us in a loving and supportive environment that allows you to truly be your authentic self. This will be an uplifting and transformative experience where we will work as a group to expand as individuals. This class is open to all levels of ability and is perfect for beginners.

Topics covered will be:

Identifying your natural abilities and understanding how you can connect with the spirit world.

Receiving psychic information vs. Spirit communication

Gaining a deeper understanding of Mediumship and how it can improve your life

Working with the Spirit world to bring through evidential messages for yourself and others

Building confidence in yourself and trusting the Spirit world

Setting boundaries and protecting your energy

This will be a small group limited to 20 participants. The cost of the Workshop is $15.00. All proceeds go to the church building fund. Please contact Michael directly if you have specific questions about this workshop or want to know if it's a good fit for you.