Mediumship Development Workshop
Saturday, October 26th, 2019

This workshop will be held on one Saturday morning every month from 10:00am to 1:00pm, and is for those wishing to continue to learn, improve, and develop their evidential mediumship skills for better readings and platform demonstrations.

The subject for October’s workshop is
'Physical Mediumship' What is it? followed by working for Mediumship messages practice.

During the workshop, all attendees will have a chance to demonstrate their mediumship. Each student will be offered helpful specific tips for how they can improve their demonstration style. There will also be guided meditations for sitting in the power of Spirit. The work of Spirit is a work of Service. We hope you will join us and be of service to Spirit and share in the love and healing they have for the world.

Monthly workshops will include but are not limited to:

How to structure a spirit message from the platform/stage.

Techniques for delivering evidence with a heart felt message.

Message delivery utilizing the CERT methodology.

How to manage your energy during a demonstration.

How to manage your interaction with the audience.

How to cope with the challenges of public speaking and stage nerves.

How to gain confidence and trust your connection with Spirit.

How to embrace your own style of mediumship.

Ethics and professional standards of platform mediumship.

Cost: $10.00 members and $12.00 non members