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November Newsletter


we are one"

Dear Members and Friends

Welcome to the first of, hopefully, many newsletters from your beloved Church and Spiritual Center. We hope you are all looking forward to the holiday season which is now just around the corner - where does the time go!


The Church Needs Your Help

The purpose of our Church has always been to provide a spiritual home for all those who need it. It is a beautiful, peaceful and friendly place where like-minded people come together, where friendships are formed and a community made. Everyone who comes through our doors serves the Church in valuable ways, whether participating in events, serving as healers, assisting with fundraising, delivering spirit messages and just by attending our service and adding to the wonderful energy of the Church, which is always very much appreciated by us all.

However, we really do need more help. We need to have more people attending our Sunday Services (both the Healing Service at 10.00 am and the Sunday Service at 11.00 am), more people becoming members, and more attendance and support from those who are already members. We are all working very hard behind the scenes to increase our building fund, in the hope that we can soon find our own permanent premises. The Board Members arrange many functions throughout the year for the enjoyment of all our members and friends but not all of these events are well attended. Many folk sign up for classes, workshops and events and then do not show up. Likewise when assistance is requested for fundraising activities such as yard sales etc. All of these things are done not for glory, but for the enjoyment of all of us, and for the purpose of our beautiful Church.

There are many ways in which you can help:

1. Become a Member : If you enjoy coming to the Church, we are always happy to have new members join us and increase our Church family. Just ask one of us for a Membership Form. Becoming a member affords you discounts for such things as classes and various mediumship events.

2. Become a Board Member : If you are already an existing member, you may be able to bring your ideas and enthusiasm to fruition in the Church by becoming a Board Member. Elections will be held in January, so please keep an eye out for details on the Church noticeboard.

3. Take a Class : Various classes are run throughout the year, including a Healing Class, and various Mediumship level classes. All are fun and informative and provide a great source of knowledge and growth. Again, please keep an eye out for sign-up sheets in the lobby and announcements at the Sunday Service. (If you do sign up to a class, please do remember to attend, or at least to let someone know in advance if you cannot make the class for whatever reason).

4. Enjoy Mediumship and maybe a message or two! : Come along to any of our Evening of Mediumship events and be enthralled and inspired by spirit messages which are delivered with love by our visiting mediums.

5. Request a Private Reading : The Church offers private readings for a small fee for any individual, member or otherwise, who needs to connect with loved ones in spirit. Details are available on the Church noticeboard or you can ask any existing member. Please also remember that when we have a visiting medium, there is often a mini-reading session after the Sunday Service.

6. Volunteer : The Church is often holding fundraisers such as yard sales and bingo nights. We often do a 'shout out' for assistance with these functions and yet invariably it always falls to the same people time and time again to help out. We find that the old saying "more hands make light work" is very true, so the more people we get to volunteer to help with our events, the more efficient they become and the more enjoyment we can provide.

7. Have Fun : Come along to our events - whether they be fun and crazy things like Bingo (trust me, it's not nearly as boring as it may sound!!) or Evenings of Mediumship, or buying stuff at one of our many yard sales. Meet us, drink coffee, enjoy the banter!! We'd love to see you!

8. Donate : There are several ways you can help the Church with donations. We are thankful for the offerings we are fortunate to receive at the Sunday Service. If all our members and friends gave just a few dollars each time they came to Church, it would be amazing. We also ask for a suggested $3 donation at Tuesday evening Meditation Circles as well. Attending our many functions will also help the Church. The Offering Plate is always available to accept donations after the Healing Service at 10.00 am as well, and we have a Building Fund jar in the lobby - the perfect place to get rid of all that loose change! But it's not always about the money we also welcome donations for assisting in the day to day running of the Church as well; things such as tealights, paper towels. bottled water, coffee, creamer etc. There is a list on the board in the kitchen at Church of all the things we use on a day to day basis, and we are always grateful for anything our members and friends can provide for us.

9. Amazon Smile : It's genuine Amazon, but with extra 'giving'. With the holiday season right around the corner, not to mention numerous Black Friday sales, and the craziness of the January sales, the amount of online shopping goes wild. Why not help out the Church while you take advantage of the many offers that Amazon provide? With just a few clicks, you can register to Amazon Smile which allows you to shop Amazon online as normal, but with the added bonus that with every dollar you spend, a few cents (at NO COST to you!) is donated to our Church. It's a small amount each time, but imagine if all our Members and friends took advantage of this? It could potentially be huge! So please ask for an Amazon Smile flyer next time you are Church and get clicking!

Support, encouragement and fellowship is vital from all our Members and friends, and is absolutely essential to ensure that our Church doors are kept open and that we are able to provide spiritual and emotional support to all who need it. Please, please, please we ask you to support our Church at its time of need, in the same way the Church supports its Members and friends.

December Highlights

Sunday December 2 Mini-Reading Sunday with visiting medium Joy Sagar from Cassadega

Sunday December 16 Candlelight Service with visiting medium John Rogers

Friday December 21 Winter Solstice Party

Further details of these events can be found at

Coming Soon

We are looking forward to a visits from some of our UK members in 2019. Geoff and Al Potts will be here early in the New year, taking part in our Sunday services and generally causing mayhem and amusement at our Bingo nights. Also Rosemary Bouch will be visiting in the Spring when she will be hosting an Evening of Mediumship, a workshop and also lecturing at our Sunday service. We are very much looking forward to seeing them all again. Details of their visits and various functions they will be hosting will be posted on our website as soon as they are confirmed.

Thank you.

And wishing you all much love and light.

Tanya Soper

Member's Secretary