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The Church of Spiritual Awakening at: 909 B. East Oak Street, Kissimmee - 34744
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A very walm welcome to our website

Rev., Mary Kingslien, CSH, CM

How fortunate we are that in this day and age to be able to touch so many people thru Cyberspace.

We hope our Web Pages will extend a warm and loving feeling to each of you as we share with you our belief and philosophy of our beautiful religion of Spiritualism.

Many people ask – What is Spiritualism? They do not understand that it is a religion just like any other religion. Religion, to a Spiritualist is how we live our lives, how we respect ourselves and our fellowman. It is taking personal responsibility for our errors and transgressions and learning from those experiences to make us a better and more loving person. When life is approached from a loving heart – kindness and love is what permeates the universe.

Spiritualism, as a religion, is not new. It has been practiced since ancient times. We find many passages in the Bible that prove the continuity of life and the ability that many of us have to communicate with those on the unseen side of life. We also know that Spiritual Healing is a means by which we can call upon our spirit guides and doctors to assist those in need. Spiritual Healing is not unlike “Therapeutic Touch”, which is taught in some of the well-known nursing schools today. The combination of Spiritual Healing and Medical Science has been proven time and time again to bring about a faster recovery to those who have been ill.

We know that we are here on this physical plane for a short time, and how we grow and develop our spiritual consciousness, leads us along our path of where we will be once we make our transition into the Spirit World. We are a physical body, which houses a Spirit/Soul. Once the physical shell no longer functions, our Spirit/Soul leaves the physical shell and transcends into the World of Spirit. Our personality and character does not change. Our character and personality continues on into the spirit spheres where we have the opportunity to continue to grow and ascend into a higher consciousness.

We know we are all children of the Infinite, the God Source; it is our mission to share with all mankind the special awareness of peace and harmony which comes from living our lives in accordance with Natural Law.

We hope our site will inspire you and give you a better understanding of our religion and the beautiful peace it can bring to those who wish to embrace the philosophy of the religion of Spiritualism.

Should you ever be in the South Orlando, Kissimmee, Florida area, we hope you will join us for our Sunday service.

Love and blessings,
Rev., Mary Kingslien