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Spiritualism is a religious and spiritual belief, which blends ancient wisdom with contemporary thought. References to Spiritualism have been found for centuries in religious, literary and historic writings. The understanding that life continues after death and that communication is possible between the Spirit World and the Earth World is the foundation of present day Spiritualism.

Spiritualists recognize God as the Universal Source, the Infinite Spirit. We believe that each of us is an integral part of the God Power. Our philosophy, drawn from this understanding, teaches that the path to spiritual growth and positive living comes from taking personal responsibility for ones own behavior. We do not believe that anyone needs to atone for another's transgressions.

With this firm underpinning for our belief, we are able to dismiss the concepts of the reward of heaven and the punishment of hell. We believe that following "death" of the physical body, all souls progress onward into the Spirit World where teachings for spiritual advancement continue. In believing that evil is human-made, we realize that souls entering the Spirit World, who have lived negative lives, must cleanse their own consciences before they can experience the peace and beauty of the spirit environment.

An integral part of the understanding of Spiritualism centers around the repeated evidences of communication between our world and the Spirit World. The means by which such intercommunication takes place is called mediumship. The individuals who are able to make contact with the Spirit World are known as mediums. The descriptive information, which the medium receives from Spirit, perhaps of a relative, friend, teacher, neighbor or even an advanced spiritual guide, identifies that the life force is intact, that the Spirit is still alive. Frequently the communication is accompanied by a message of encouragement or direction. Such knowledge of continuous life can bring needed support during periods of bereavement, crisis or personal search.

Healing is another very important dimension of our belief. We accept the healing power of God as the ultimate healing force. While we recognize the importance and value of medical treatment and other health care services, we believe that the most effective healing benefits are derived from combined spiritual and physical inputs.

Spiritualism, as a religious and spiritual belief, offers a realistic and dynamic path for positive living.