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You do not have to be a member of our church to submit a request for absent healing, and keep in mind that healing already begun with your decision to ask for it!

Please fill out the form below and press submit.
We will read all healing requests and place them on our list.

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Absent Healing List
In an attempt to keep our healing list current names are removed after 28 days.
Please resubmit names if further healing is required. Thank you

Please limit healing requests to 5 per month.
Please refrain from using all uppercase (Capital Letters). Thank you
Yolanda Lee McCalla - UK 10/15
Yasmin McCalla - UK 10/15
Omari Townsend - UK 10/15
Manny Lieberman - UK 10/15
Jenny Adams and Family - UK 10/1
Michael Ryan - New York 10/19
Joan Savolainen - St. Cloud, FL 10/19
Adesuwa Elaine Yasmin McCalla - CA 10/15
Olive Netosda Samuel - Osteen, FL 10/15
Clive Zameel Samuel - St Cloud, FL 10/11
Wilfredo Valle Mendez 10/9
Debbie Ignacio 10/6
Roger Wieber 10/1
Cedeno Family 10/1
Gary Romig 10/1
Fulford Family 10/1
Martin Family 10/1
Rodger & Gloria Smith - Orlando 9/29

Jarad & Imogen Bignold
Henri Landwirth

Michael Carlone
Jim Kingslien

Karen Foremeister
Olive Morgan
Rev. Helen & Paul Sherwood
Rev. MaryAnn & George Hubbard

Rev. Ben Cox
Gerardo Hernandez
Kathy Scofield
Christine Shaw
Sharon Nichols

Larry Harrow
June Coopers


Our Pets
Roscoe - Dog 10/3
Buster - Dog 10/3

Jennifer Fulford - You Are In Light 10/1
Gladys Martin - You Are In Light 10/1
Phil Adams - You Are In Light 10/3
And to all those brave souls who serve our country all around the world we send our prayers of protection & peace.
Request for Absent Healing


All healing comes from the Universal Source and is the purest form of energy available. Healing energy is available in abundance for everyone, everywhere in the world and can be helpful in bringing relief from the many physical, emotional or mental conditions we experience as part of life.


Absent healing, otherwise known as distance healing, is a healing process of which, for your easy understanding, can be compared to the power of prayer that does not require someone sending thoughts of help and healing to be in the same physical location as the one in need of the healing. 


Absent healing is always available at your request and will begin as soon as you make the decision to write to us and request healing for yourself, another person or animal. The process is simple and involves a group of workers who are already attuned to the healing energies, keep the person in need of healing in their thoughts and direct healing energy toward them.


Absent healing does not have to take place in a specific length of time or place, with you and the healer sitting down at a pre-arranged time. As mentioned before, the healing begins when you took the decision to ask for healing. It is beneficial that you take a few quiet moments after sending us your request, and send healing thoughts to yourself and the other person or animal that is in need of healing.


Please keep in mind, absent healing does not require that you engage in any lengthy or complicated rituals or techniques to enhance the healing. Healing is very simple and requires only a choice to heal, along with a pure heartfelt intention toward yourself and/or the other person or animal that is need of healing and that will be sufficient.


If you have any further questions, comment or concern regarding healing or absent healing please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or by telephone at 407-545-9926


This service is free of charge.

Donations are appreciated.


Please note: - We are not medical doctors and do not promise to prescribe, cure or diagnose medical conditions. Absent healing is not a medical treatment and should not replace any form of medical assistance you, the other person or animal in need of healing may be receiving. In case of any medical questions or concerns you may have in terms of your health, please consult your GP. Concerning an animal’s health, please seek the advice of your vet.

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