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The Church of Spiritual Awakening·Friday, May 3, 2019 It’s been almost two decades since a small group of friends gathered to share, learn, and connect with Spirit. Under the guidance of Reverend Mary Kingslien, the group came together with a mission of encouraging spiritual growth, disseminating the religion, and validating the existence of loved ones in the spirit world through mediumistic communication.

Since then, our group has grown and continues to serve our local community as well as connect with international sister churches. Through our educational services, we have proudly certified a number of practicing healers and have greatly expanded our mediumship classes. Several of our members have attended seminars at the world-renown Arthur Findlay College in Stansted Hall in the UK. Through the years, some of our members have undertaken the rigorous training towards certification as mediums and have succeeded admirably. We continue to strive to overcome the negative assumptions created by dubious characters by insuring our mediumship is to the highest standards through education and that it conforms to the principles of Spiritualism, that is validation of the existence of life beyond the transition we call death.

About Us

Church Board of Directors
Michael Davies - President / Secretary
Janine Russell - Vice President
Leigh Dexter - Treasurer
Irma Cuebas
Irene Eusebio
Tanya Soper - Member's Secretary
Alan Gerber

Ordained Ministers (Reverend)
Rev. Mary Kingslien, CSH, CM - Pastor Emeritus
Rev. Helen Sherwood, CSH, CM
Rev. Mary Ann Hubbard, CSH, CM
Rev. Rosemary Bouch, CSH, CM

Honorary Ministers
Rev. Al Potts
Rev. Geoff Potts  

Church Board of Trustees
Leigh Dexter
Cathy Diaz
Manuela Colon

Commissioned Spiritualist Healers (CSH)
Rev. Rosemary Bouch
Shirley Hunter
Rev. Mary Kingslien
Janine Russell
Rev. Helen Sherwood

Certified Mediums (CM)
Rev. Rosemary Bouch
Rev. Mary Kingslien
Rev. Mary Ann Hubbard
Rev. Helen Sherwood

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